The Hartman Rock Garden is open 365 days a year from dawn to dusk, although it is at its best from Memorial Day Weekend to Labor Day Weekend each year. Self-guided tours are always free, but we encourage you to make a donation to support the cause. All donations support the longterm care of the garden.

The Hartman Rock Garden is located in Springfield, Ohio. Our street address is 1905 Russell Avenue. We strongly recommend using Google Maps if you are visiting from out of town or are unfamilar with this neighborhood. To get directions at Google Maps, click here. (and be sure to the street view to see the unrestored garden - it looks dramtically different today!)

Rules and Guidelines
Mary Hartman always said “Visitors are welcome if they know how to behave. This is my home...” We operate the garden today with the same philosophy. Here are some basic additional guidelines:

• All children must be accompanied by an adult
• Please do not touch any of the objects in the garden
• No smoking is allowed on the property
• Please do not walk in the flower beds
• The shed and house are not open to visitors
• Please do not throw coins into the ponds

Group Tours
Countless people visit the garden each year as part of an organized group tour. While there is no cost for self-guided tours, we encourage tour operators to email us (link below) to let us know the date and time of your visit. We ask that school groups notify us one week before your planned visit. Guided tours are available upon request (see below).

Guided Tours
To enhance your experience, we offer guided tours by trained and knowledgeable guides throughout the summer. These tours are currently by appointment only. Please email us (link below) to make an appointment. General guided tours are $10 per person and last forty-five minutes to an hour. There is a 10 person or $100 minimum.

School Trips
We now offer a special tour for 4-6 grade students. This tour includes a brief introduction by one of our knowledgeable volunteers, followed by a self-guided tour book developed specifically for children. Pre-tour and post-tour worksheets are also available. These tours are currently by appointment only. Please email us (link below) to make an appointment. The cost is $5 per student, which includes all materials. Tours last forty-five minutes to an hour.

Photography Policy
Both professional and amateur photography is allowed and encouraged on site. We ask that you stay on the sidewalks or in the grass when taking photos. Please do not stand in the flower beds unless you receive permission in advance. We reserve the right to revoke the usage rights if we feel that photography is not being used in a manner that is in keeping with the brand/image of the garden. We ask that photographers/artists notify us before visiting the garden for larger projects (i.e. wedding photography), which can interrupt the flow of regular visitors. We also ask that photographers/artists make an appropriate donation to support the garden. This donation is up to each individual artist. A donation bin is located on site.