2018 Internship Opportunity at Hartman

Applications Due April 6

The Hartman Rock Garden is offering a paid internship this summer to students enrolled in undergraduate or graduate programs who wish to gain professional experience in the fields of geology, art history, conservation, history, and museum studies. This intern will work alongside the garden’s strong volunteer base and professional advisors, including art historians, geologists, and folk art conservators. Tasks will include research, writing, interpretation, and basic hands-on conservation.This internship totals approximately 185 hours during the summer term. Schedules are based on the intern’s academic calendar. A $1500 stipend will be awarded at the completion of the internship.

How to Apply: Submit a cover letter, resume, two references (names and email addresses only), and a writing sample (preferably from your collegiate work) by April 6, 2018 to:

Kevin Rose, Historian, at krose @ hmturnerfoundation.org

The position will be filled and all applicants will be notified by April 13.

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Join Our Volunteer Team

Registrations Due April 6

The Hartman Rock Garden is offering a professionally-designed program to train people like you to give tours of this landmark art environment. We hope that you will join our volunteer team! Over three Saturday mornings sessions in April, you will learn the incredible story of Ben Hartman’s Historical Rock Garden and how it fits into the larger Visionary Art Environment world. We will explore the inspirations that motivated Ben to build the garden, the materials and techniques that he used, and the process that it took to restore the garden to its 1930s appearance. We will also go behind the scenes at the site to examine the molds and parts that Ben used to make his artistic creations and visit the nearby stream where he gathered much of his rock and stone. Upon completion of the program, you will have the opportunity to share your knowledge with visitors from around the globe. No prior experience needed. The time commitment is flexible and will vary month to month, likely ranging from one to six hours per month, so even people with busy schedules can find a way to contribute their talents!

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